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Local beach favorite closes for the season

A local Carolina Beach favorite has closed up shop, if you're in the mood for Britt’s donuts, you're out of luck until the spring.

Shark gives family visiting Carolina Beach a little scare

A YouTube video shows some children with their boogie boards in shallow water. Right after they get in, one of the kids notices a shark swim by just a few feet away, which sent her running for shore.

With Earl gone, Freeman Park reopens

Freeman Park has been closed since Wednesday evening due to high surf conditions caused by Hurricane Earl and Tropical Storm Fiona.

Earl sends some tourists packing; opens beach for locals

videoUneasiness about Hurricane Earl sent many vacationers packing earlier than they planned. That opened up Carolina Beach for the locals.

Rip currents impact beachgoers and business

The ocean can be a deadly place when hurricanes in the Atlantic kick up heavy surf and cause rip currents. signs were posted and red flags flew high along Carolina Beach on Sunday alerting people of the risk.

Carolina Beach Police deny ordering teens to pull shark from ocean

videoTeens claim cops in Carolina Beach ordered them to drag a dying, eight-foot tiger shark on shore Monday night. Police came out today saying that never happened

Carolina Beach moving forward on aquarium pier project

It'll be a 1,000-foot long concrete pier complete with educational facilities and fish tanks. The town council approved plans last night to build the pier on Carolina Beach avenue north where the Surf Motel is now.

FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: 15-year-old claims Carolina Beach Police forced him to drag shark...

video A 15-year-old and his friends say police told them to drag the live shark out of knee-deep water and on to the beach. The teens say they told police they wanted to push it back out to sea and let it live, but did what they were instructed.

Two months after fire, Seawitch bar set for grand reopening

After an alleged arsonist forced the Seawitch Café to close months ago, the Carolina Beach bar is back open. It's celebrating a grand reopening tonight.

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