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Pender deputy suspended for drinking before alcohol test training

videoA Pender County Sheriff's deputy is back on duty after being suspended without pay for more than a week last month. Sheriff Carson Smith says Jan. 11 Dep. Nick Carter was attending a class to re-certify operating an alcohol breath test in Jacksonville. During a practice exercise at around 10 a.m., Dep. Carter blew a 0.02.

ONLY ON 3: Deputy Sloan fired after prostitution arrest; WPD confirms passenger was male;...

video The Pender County Sheriff's Department fired Capt. Mark Sloan after being arrested Tuesday night for soliciting a prostitute and crimes against nature. Sloan says he could not talk about the situation in detail but did say that he had "good intentions" and it was "not sex."

Pender County inmates to be tracked with GPS ankle monitors

Some inmates in Pender County will soon be allowed to walk around freely before going to trial.

Pender deputy demoted surrounding animal abuse cases

Sergeant Michael Lewis was demoted after he helped rescue malnourished horses in the Hampstead area. Today, Sheriff Smith cited two other incidents where he claims Lewis took over animal abuse cases without informing animal control.

Dole discusses immigration plan in Pender County

videoIf Pender County Sheriff Carson Smith apprehends a criminal who happens to be an illegal immigrant, there's not much he can do.

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