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CFCC opens doors to new cosmetology facility

Cape Fear Community College cosmetology students have a new salon to hone their skills. The brand new facility, at the school's north campus in Castle Hayne, is now open to the public.

Parking spots few and far between near CFCC

videoFor students at Cape Fear Community College in downtown Wilmington, parking is headache. "Parking is so chaotic out here now. You can't even find a parking space within a couple blocks,” said David Gardner, a CFCC student.

From homeless, to head of the class

videoThe pressures of college could make anyone think twice. For one student at Cape Fear Community College, pressure of everyday life added on top makes graduation day mean so much more.

Google Earth shows off all dimensions of CFCC

videoGoogle Earth allows us to explore the world from a whole new perspective. If you search ‘Cape Fear Community College’ at Google Earth, you can now check out the campus in three dimensions, thanks to a project completed by CFCC graphic designer Don Perkins.

Record breaking funds raised at CFCC

While many people are tightening their belt, community and business leaders set a new donation record for Cape Fear Community College.

CFCC bond referendum

On November 4th, New Hanover County residents will have the chance to vote on a $164 million bond referendum. The bond would be used to build three new buildings at Cape Fear Community College.

McCain visit Monday put strain on CFCC students parking

John McCain's visit to Cape Fear Community College Monday put a strain on downtown Wilmington's already limited parking. Some Cape Fear Community College students complained about not having a place to park.

CFCC Fall Festival

Students at Cape Fear Community College celebrated their Fall Festival Wednesday.

CFCC celebrates 50 years

Cape Fear Community College is celebrating a milestone -- its 50th anniversary. When the school opened in 1958 there were 750 students enrolled. Today there are 7,500 students enrolled, which is the most the school has ever seen.

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