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Grand jury returns presentment in Chadbourn town manager investigation

A Columbus County Grand jury has asked for another step in the investigation of Chadbourn's town manager.

Town manager’s impersonation case continued

The impersonation case of Chadbourn Town Manager Stevie Cox has been continued to June 6. Cox was scheduled for court Tuesday at the Columbus County Courthouse. Cox was not present but his attorney asked the court to continue the case to a later date.

ONLY ON 3: Chadbourn leaders refuse to talk about Town Manager’s legal problems

video It's the traffic stop that turned into some serious charges. Earlier this week Chadbourn Town Manager Stevie Cox was arrested for impersonating a cop after a state trooper said Cox handed him a police badge and said he was the chief.

FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: State Trooper claims Chadbourn Town Manager showed him badge...

video He was caught speeding and given a ticket, but this traffic stop soon led to a much more serious charge. So why is Chadbourn Town Manager Stevie Cox facing a charge of impersonating an officer?

Chadbourn man killed in housefire

video A deadly fire in Columbus County last night left friends and family devastated. Around 11 p.m. Monday, police responded to a fire at a home in Chadbourn. Sixty-year-old Thomas Edward Brown did not make it out alive.

Chadbourn community mourns after murder

video The day after a brutal murder shook up the quiet community of Berry Court - neighbors took a little time out to reflect. They say this is usually a problem-free place to live.

Chadbourn police search for suspect after murder

She lived in the Barry Court neighborhood which is a senior living community. Police say they never have any trouble out of the neighborhood.

Chadbourn Mayor looks toward higher office

Mayor Kenneth Waddell plans to file for the State House District 20 seat.

Three men in custody for connection to Chadbourn fire

videoThree men are in jail in connection with a Chadbourn tire warehouse fire that burned for two days last month. One of the men charged with starting the fire, also helped put it out.

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