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Chadbourn Town Council decides not to buy closed middle school

Town leaders had an agenda item Tuesday to decide whether to buy or lease the school from the board of education.

Chadbourn interim police chief suspended for sexual posts on Facebook

A meeting about explicit material on the interim police chief's Facebook page ended with Chadbourn police and residents arguing outside that meeting. At the town council meeting, tensions were high.

Arguments erupt at Chadbourn Town Council meeting

Some people were outraged over the handling of a local police officer's firing after a controversial Facebook post, others were upset over how the town handled the situation and there were some there at the meeting to show support for town leaders after rumors flew this afternoon concerning the police department.

FIRST ON 3: Chadbourn cop says he was fired over Facebook post

A Chadbourn police officer says he was fired today over a post on Facebook. Tonight that fired officer is talking to WWAY about what happened.

ONLY ON 3: Chadbourn town councilman asked to resign

video It was a war of words Tuesday night in the small town of Chadbourn. Councilman Edwin Roberts was at the center of controversy during a town council meeting and some say it's time for him to go.

Park maintenance making waves among Chadbourn leaders

video Close to a decade ago a Chadbourn Park was built using private money, but it needs public upkeep to stay viable. That has caused some bickering among town leaders.

ONLY ON 3: Chadbourn leaders refuse to talk about Town Manager’s legal problems

video It's the traffic stop that turned into some serious charges. Earlier this week Chadbourn Town Manager Stevie Cox was arrested for impersonating a cop after a state trooper said Cox handed him a police badge and said he was the chief.

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