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Civil War-era cannon restored, installed at Fort Anderson Historic Site

A little, or rather a large, piece of history is being installed nearly 155 years after the fall of Brunswick Town and Fort Anderson Historic Site.

Atlanta to add context about racism to historic monuments

Atlanta will soon add lessons about the South's racist history on markers placed next to four historic monuments.

Discussing plans for a Civil War-era church in Brunswick County

A Brunswick County church built and attended by former slaves shortly after the end of the Civil War still exists in our area. However, over the past few years, it has fallen into disrepair. Now two groups are trying to change that.

Protesters gather at George Davis statue Saturday afternoon

Protesters voice their concerns about the message that it sends.

Minority troops of Civil War given the recognition they deserve

Minority troops of Civil War given the recognition they deserve

Confederate flags disappearing from battlefield gift shops

North Carolina officials don't have an official policy addressing the sale of Confederate flag merchandise at Civil War battlefield gift shops, but the products' future is unclear.

North Carolina will keep 3 Confederate monuments at Capitol

A North Carolina historical commission decided Wednesday that three Confederate monuments will remain on the state Capitol grounds.

Confederate home, headquarters torn down in eastern NC

A house in North Carolina that was the home of a lieutenant of the Confederate Army and headquarters for a general of the Confederate Army is no longer standing.

Museum offering program on Civil War shipwrecks off NC coast

Wrightsville Beach Museum of History is presenting "Shipwreck! Civil War Wrecks off Our Coast" on Saturday from 3-4 p.m.

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