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Confederate Flag

We’re still fighting, more than 150 years after Appomattox

When the Civil War was over, when the dead were buried and the union was reunited, it came time to tell tales and write history.

North Carolina public school system bans Confederate flag

A public school system in our state has revised its dress code to prohibit certain controversial symbols and signs.

Reenactors demonstrate how life was for Junior Reserves at Fort Fisher during Civil War

Visitors to Fort Fisher State Historic Site may have been at least a little confused when they saw soldiers clad in Civil War-era uniforms this weekend. It was part of the Fort Fisher Junior Reserves encampment program.

Charlotte Fire Department helps search Civil War shipwreck off Oak Island

The Charlotte Fire Department is providing help in the search of a Civil War-era shipwreck found off Oak Island thought to be a blockade runner.

Scientists closer to identifying Civil War wreck off coast

Scientists say a Civil War-era wreck discovered last month on the coast of North Carolina is likely that of the Confederate blockade runner Agnes E. Fry.

Civil War-era wreck discovered near mouth of Cape Fear River

Marine archaeologists in North Carolina think they have found the wreck of a Confederate blockade runner near the mouth of the Cape Fear River.

Fort Fisher offers ‘one day of living history’

Fort Fisher State Historic Site commemorated the 151st anniversary of the second battle of Fort Fisher Saturday.

Civil War cannons pulled from SC river

This morning a team of underwater archaeologists from the University of South Carolina raised three Civil War cannons from the bottom of the Great Pee Dee River near Florence.

#TBT: Protecting the port, Fort Fisher

This Throwback Thursday we're throwing it back to the Civil War and the history of Fort Fisher.

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