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Brunswick County School Board faces another lawsuit

Another set of parents are suing the Brunswick County School Board. This suit marks the third filed by parents. Once again, having to do with sexual misconduct between a school employee and a student.

Brunswick County Schools fighting lawsuit

Brunswick County Schools are fighting back against the lawsuit filed by parents of the student who married her coach.

Teen who married teacher loses lawsuit seeking toys from parents

A 16-year-old girl who married her 40-year-old former teacher can't get her toys back from her parents. A judge says Windy Wuchae cannot force her parents to return her Beanie Baby collection, PlayStation and other items.

Parents of married teen suing another school system

videoThe case of the coach and his child bride has resulted in another lawsuit against another North Carolina school board.

Parents of married teen suing school board

A Brunswick County coach married his teenage student. Now the parents of the girl have filed a lawsuit against the Brunswick County School Board.

School board reveals investigation details from 40-year-old coach’s personnel files

videoNew details in the Brunswick County School Board's investigation in to the relationship between a teenage student and her coach. Superintendent Katie McGee has made public part of coach Brent Wuchae's confidential personnel file.

Parents speak out about marriage between local teen, coach

We know more about how the relationship evolved, but could the school system or should the school system have done more to stop it?

Coach-teen marriage sparks national debate

videoIt's a local story that's resonating across the country. A 16-year-old Brunswick County Track star sparked plenty of debate, when she married her high school coach. Since it appeared here and on national television, there's been an unprecedented number of internet hits and comments on the story.

40-year-old former teacher marries 16-year-old student

videoA South Brunswick High School coach married one of his young athletes. Local residents and administrators are speaking out. Days after marrying her coach, 40-year-old Brent Wuchae, 16-year-old Windy Hager didn't have much to say about the issue.

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