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Gov. Cooper talks about possible coal ash leak

Governor Cooper says there are a lot of areas of concern regarding coal ash and that the rules need to be revamped.

Duke Energy: Dam breached at Wilmington plant, coal ash basins affected

Duke Energy says flooding at the L.V. Sutton plant near Wilmington has led the company to shut down the 625-megawatt natural gas plant.

Florence could flood hog manure pits, coal ash dumps

Hurricane Florence's heavy rains could cause an environmental disaster in North Carolina, where waste from hog manure pits, coal ash dumps and other industrial sites could wash into homes and threaten drinking water supplies.

N Carolina regulators deny Duke Energy rate increase request

Instead of a rate increase, state regulators are demanding the company pay up to customers as well as to the state.

Attorney general challenges regulators over coal ash charges

North Carolina's attorney general on Wednesday challenged regulators for allowing Duke Energy to start charging consumers hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up coal ash dumps and add a potential profit margin.

Residents near coal ash plant upset about Duke Energy rate hike

Coal ash has been a problem for residents along Flemington Road in New Hanover County. Now, some are upset after the company responsible is increasing rates.

Duke Energy rate hike allows coal ash costs, less penalty

Hearings for the Duke Energy Carolinas rate increase were supposed to start Tuesday but where postponed until March 5 so all sides could digest Friday's decision on the Duke Energy Progress rate increase.

DEQ wants feedback on draft coal ash rules, meeting scheduled in Wilmington

The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality wants to hear your feedback on rules being drafted by the state agency to better protect public health and the environment when coal ash wastes are disposed of and recycled.

Duke Energy changes aimed at increasing minority contractors

One of the largest U.S. electricity companies is making changes that could make it easier for black, female and other minority-owned construction and hauling firms to compete for work on its multibillion-dollar project to excavate and close coal-ash storage pits.

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