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Friday, September 18, 2020
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Tag: Codington Elementary School

Principal notifies parents after Codington student dies

Codington Elementary School parents received an automated call this afternoon from Principal Eric Pfirman, alerting them that a 2nd grade student had died.

Codington Elementary and 101 Mobility team up for Halloween parade

Every year Codington Elementary School in Wilmington hosts a Halloween parade, but this isn't just any parade.

New Hanover Co. year-round schools might have to go to traditional schedule

Year-round schools in New Hanover County might be in for some changes. That's if the state senate has its way. There are mandates on year-round schools embedded in its version of the budget.

Codington Elementary holds 4th annual Halloween parade

Codington Elementary School held its very special, annual Halloween parade for some of the coolest kiddos in town!

Business preparing for ‘special’ Halloween parade

For the fourth year in a row, 101 Mobility is bringing Halloween to special needs students by creating unique costumes.

Teacher of the Week: Cynthia Maddox

School is back in session! As students and teachers start another academic year, we introduce to some of the most talented and influential teachers the Cape Fear region has to offer in Teacher of the Week.

UPDATE: Codington Elementary time change will last through rest of school year

According to a school spokeswoman Codington Elementary School’s start time change will be for the rest of the school year.

ONLY ON 3: Codington Elementary start time changes, parents voice concerns

According to a letter sent out to Codington Elementary School parents, the time change will be during construction on River Road.

Teacher of the Week: Mary Tyndall

Sweet sounds fill the hall at Codington Elementary School as Mary Tyndall leads her first grade music class around the room singing their lesson for the day.

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Clorox wipes are still in short supply due to increased demand as Americans continue to clean off frequently used surfaces to combat the spread of coronavirus, but another household cleaner has been added to the list of effective products.

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