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Custom costumes for kids in wheelchairs revealed at parade

videoCustom costumes made to for children with special needs were revealed at their school's Halloween parade Thursday.

101 Mobility brings Halloween to special needs students

videoThe ability to dress up for Halloween is something you might not think twice about, but it’s a reality for the special needs students at Codington Elementary. To make sure those kids look just as spooky, or as dainty as all the other kids on Halloween, 101 Mobility creates special costumes for them.

Teacher of the Week: Jenny Walters

videoAll signs point to Codington Elementary...and they're aiming at Jenny Walters. She is WWAY's Teacher of the Week because she's taking "hands on" learning to a whole new level.

Wilmington business creates custom costumes for special needs students

video Even though it's time for Halloween it was more like Christmas for students in Codington Elementary's special needs class.

Students celebrate parent involvement by tossing water balloons at school leaders

videoThe principal and the assistant principal at Wilmington's Codington Elementary had a chance to cool off this afternoon, but probably not the way they wanted to.

All clear after brief lockdowns at three New Hanover Co. schools

video With a heightened sense of security since Friday's school shooting in Connecticut, three New Hanover County schools went on brief lockdowns today in two separate incidents.

Teacher of the Week: Vanessa Bishop at Codington Elementary

video Tonight's Teacher of the Week prides herself on building really strong relationships with her students and their families. And it's easy to see why. Good Morning Carolina anchor Ashley Jacobs takes us inside her classroom.

Company creates special Halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs

This Halloween Wilmington's 101 Mobility teamed up with a special education class at Codington Elementary to celebrate the holiday. Employees designed special costumes to fit the students' wheelchairs.

Teacher of the Week: Melinda Durant

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