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Questions remain after lawsuit ends in Columbus County sheriff’s race

Who is the sheriff of Columbus County? It's been the million dollar question for the last few months.

Bolton nightclub shut down, property owner gets new restrictions

Two people dead and several more shootings and robberies. All are among the reasons District Attorney Jon David went to court Friday, in an attempt to shut down a Columbus County nightclub.

Whiteville man seeks justice after alleged police assault

A month after a grand jury indicted a Whiteville police officer, his alleged victim is speaking out.

Courthouse mold concern ‘no longer exists’

In a recent air quality test of a new Columbus County courtroom facility, officials said results are much better than previous tests.

ONLY ON 3: Judges refuse to hold court in new Columbus County Courthouse

Three Columbus County District Court judges say they will not hold court in the county's newest courthouse, until they can be certain there are no air quality issues in the building.

B.J. Wright jumps out of courthouse window

One of the troubled young men with ties to R.C. Soles is back in trouble and in the hospital. The Columbus County Sheriff's Office says B.J. Wright jumped through a second-story window at the Columbus County Courthouse in Whiteville this afternoon.

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