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Bladen County copper thief caught in the act

Bladen County deputies say they caught a man in the process of stealing copper from a Four County Electric Membership sub-station Monday night.

Two arrested for allegedly stealing copper wiring

Detectives with the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office have arrested two men for allegedly stealing copper wiring.

Copper theft to blame for power outage affecting 22,000

videoWilmington Police are investigating a copper theft that caused Monday night's power outage. About 22,000 customers were affected, officials said.

Thief breaks into prison to steal copper

Police in Salisbury are looking for the rare thief who's apparently eager to go to prison. Someone broke into the Piedmont Correctional Institution, stole copper from an air conditioning unit and escaped.

WPD: Three busted for stealing copper from Winter Park Presbyterian

The two men went to the side of the church (Winter Park Presbyterian Church) and started loading up copper drainage piping that had been cut from the church buildings. Detectives stopped the suspects before they drove away. All of the stolen copper was recovered, including some that apparently was taken earlier in the night.

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