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Friday, September 25, 2020
Tags Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Tag: Corolla Wild Horse Fund

North Carolina wild horse euthanized after snake bite

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund says a horse belonging to a herd on North Carolina’s Outer Banks died over the weekend following complications from a venomous snake bite.

Blind horse that was ‘king’ of the Outer Banks has died

A blind wild horse that had roamed North Carolina's Outer Banks has died.

Warm weather lures wild horses onto NC beach, into path of cars

A group that manages herds of wild horses in coastal North Carolina is warning drivers to watch out for the animals taking advantage of unseasonably warm weather by sleeping on the sand at night.

NC wild horses head to higher ground to get out of Dorian’s path

People in North Carolina have been keeping a close eye on Hurricane Dorian.

Second North Carolina wild horse dies this summer

One of North Carolina's famed wild mustangs was killed when it ran into a power line, making it the second death in the herd this summer.

Roaming dogs seen harassing horses on North Carolina coast

A group that keeps an eye on the wild horses on the North Carolina coast says free-roaming dogs have become a threat.

Baby wild horse spotted running along Outer Banks shore

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund posted on Facebook that a foal was recently spotted running along the shore with the herd.

Wild mustang, tourism ambassador dies in North Carolina

A wild mustang who featured prominently in Outer Banks, North Carolina, tourism materials has died.

Virginia ‘swamp cancer’ prompts concern for NC wild horses

After a fungus-like disease known as "swamp cancer" claimed the lives of seven wild ponies on a Virginia island, wild horses in North Carolina's Outer Banks are being monitored for signs of a similar outbreak.

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A Wilmington-based start up company has joined the fight against opioid addiction, and celebrated one of its first milestones Thursday.

Local seniors to be featured in Wilmington ’60 strong’ Calendar

In a partnership with Wilmington Health, 12 seniors from across the area have been chosen to appear as pin ups in the 2021 Wilmington 60 Strong Calendar. 

Local protesters march for ‘justice’ and ‘change’ after ruling in Breonna Taylor’s death

There were protests in Louisville and across the country overnight following the ruling in the death of Breonna Taylor. A protest is happening in downtown Wilmington.

Trump promoting health care ‘vision’ in swing state NC

President Donald Trump is laying out his health care agenda Thursday amid a global pandemic and growing uncertainty about the future of the Affordable Care Act, the Obama-era law he vowed to replace with a much better plan, but never did.