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NC wild horses head to higher ground to get out of Dorian’s path

People in North Carolina have been keeping a close eye on Hurricane Dorian.

Second North Carolina wild horse dies this summer

One of North Carolina's famed wild mustangs was killed when it ran into a power line, making it the second death in the herd this summer.

Roaming dogs seen harassing horses on North Carolina coast

A group that keeps an eye on the wild horses on the North Carolina coast says free-roaming dogs have become a threat.

Baby wild horse spotted running along Outer Banks shore

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund posted on Facebook that a foal was recently spotted running along the shore with the herd.

Wild mustang, tourism ambassador dies in North Carolina

A wild mustang who featured prominently in Outer Banks, North Carolina, tourism materials has died.

Virginia ‘swamp cancer’ prompts concern for NC wild horses

After a fungus-like disease known as "swamp cancer" claimed the lives of seven wild ponies on a Virginia island, wild horses in North Carolina's Outer Banks are being monitored for signs of a similar outbreak.

North Carolina’s wild horses expected to survive hurricane

For many vacationers on North Carolina's Outer Banks, a trip there is not complete without at least catching a glimpse of the majestic wild horses that roam the islands.

Wild horse herd hit by losses welcomes new foal

A herd of wild horses in North Carolina that has suffered a stretch of deaths and banishments has welcomed a new foal.

No charges after wild horse struck, killed on NC beach

No charges will be filed at this time after a motorist struck and killed a wild horse along a Corolla beach on Saturday night.

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