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Multiple local church break-ins

videoPolice are urging local churches to step up their security following a slew of break-ins last month.

Murder victim’s family looking for answers

videoIt's been more than seven months since 21-year-old Dywaune Reshaune Simpson was shot and killed in the Nesbitt Court housing development. No arrests have been made in connection with the October, 2007 murder and Simpson's family is searching for answers.

Delgado trial update

The Tyrone Delgado trial continued Friday. Delgado is accused of the attempted sexual assault and murder of Melissa Mooney back in 1999.

Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief investigation continues

Newly appointed Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief Emmett Ballree is still under investigation. He is accused of violating rules while he was a police chief in another town.

Thieves stealing car parts

videoThieves have discovered certain high priced metals can be stolen right from your driveway. Several auto mechanics say they're seeing an increase in stolen catalytic converters, which are part of your car's exhaust system.

Delgado trial resumes after long weekend

After the long weekend break, the Tyrone Delgado trial started up again Tuesday. Tuesday morning, DNA evidence was presented to the jury, followed by a testimony from a DNA expert.

Bus vandalism delays some schools

Vandalism caused several New Hanover County schools to start two hours late today. School officials found out around 6 a.m. that more than 50 school buses had a tire flattened. The buses were all parked in a lot at Laney High School.

NC lawmakers trying to crack down on growing gang presence

videoState lawmakers want to crack down on North Carolina's growing gang presence. New laws are now making their way through the state legislature.

Reward offered for information in cold case

Family is offering $10,000 for help in finding killer.

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