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Warrant: Zahra died weeks before reported missing

Zahra Baker's stepmother has told police the disabled 10-year-old girl died more than two weeks before her parents reported her missing.

Two students arrested for having guns/alcohol on campus

Brunswick County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested two students from West Brunswick High School today for having prohibited property on school campus.

Police make three arrests after finding 100 pot plants

Three people are behind bars after police found nearly 100 marijuana plants at a Wilmington home.

New year, old problems downtown

video Downtown Wilmington safety is back in the spotlight, as the start of the new year saw several fights as bars closed their doors. Police say numerous fights broke out around closing time early Saturday morning.

Delay for Zahra Baker’s stepmom on lower bail

There's been a delay in a request by the stepmother of a 10-year-old disabled girl North Carolina police say was killed and dismembered to be freed on bail.

BCSO investigates New Year’s attack

video The new year wasn't a celebration for everyone. A Brunswick County man is home from the hospital after a weekend attack. Now the community is buzzing about what they think happened.

WPD: Four teens arrested for exploding porch bottle bomb

WPD officers responded to a chemical bottle bomb explosion at 3950 Appleton Way at 12:50 a.m. on Wednesday morning. The victim reported that when he answered the doorbell, the bottle bomb detonated...

Columbus deputies investigate Christmas hit & run death

video Investigators in Columbus County are one step closer to finding out who killed a Cerro Gordo man over the holiday weekend. The body of 27-year-old Michael Strickland was found Christmas morning just feet away from Cedar Grove Church Road.

NC principal gets workers’ comp after shooting

A North Carolina middle school principal who blames his shooting on his fight against gangs will receive workers' compensation for his injuries.

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