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MySpace.com ad leads to alcohol charges for teens, adults

Two adults and eight others face alcohol charges after authorities were tipped to an illegal party by an ad on MySpace.com that offered unlimited alcohol for $5.

Bill would make killing assistance animals felony

The State legislature has approved a measure that would give prison time to anyone found guilty of willfully killing a K-9, seeing-eye dog or other law enforcement or assistance animal.

Law enforcement agencies join Sable helicopter program

As crime numbers go up, so do local law enforcement agencies in their fight against crime. More area departments are joining Chief Ralph Evangelous and the Wilmington Police Department in patrolling from the sky.

Report: Violent crime up in 2006

The FBI says the United States was a more dangerous place last year. A new report finds an alarming increase in violent crime for 2006 -- especially in cities. Murders are up. Robberies have skyrocketed. For the second straight year, violent crime is on the rise.

North Carolina man surrenders in Myrtle Beach shooting

Myrtle Beach police say a North Carolina man has surrendered in the shooting death of a man last month. Police say Jeffrey Ray Bethea of Lumberton turned himself in Saturday.

Man steals university landscaping truck, flees police

Police say a local man is very lucky to be alive tonight after a vehicle chase and crash. UNCW Police say 24-year-old Gary Henderson Jr. stole a landscaping truck from the university this morning.

Boggess sentenced to life without parole

Todd Boggess, 31, was found guilty of first-degree murder, kidnapping and armed robbery in the death of Danny Pence.

Police searching for shooter

A shooting last night left one man injured and police searching for the triggerman. It happened in the 1200 block of Grace Street in Wilmington. The shooting happened at a time when young kids were outside playing and that has police very concerned. Investigators say 23-year-old Hakim Hanifait was shot twice by someone in a white SUV. One bullet hit Hanifait in the leg, the other in the back of his head.

Locals fight against human trafficking

A group of local leaders is working to fight human trafficking here and abroad. Modern-day slavery doesn't often make local headlines, but there are more slaves in the world today than at any point in history. And there are ways you can help prevent it. Sudan is a country ravaged by civil war, poverty and disease -- and experts believe it may be the worst country on earth for human trafficking. An estimated two million people are enslaved within Sudan today. The victims are often children.

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