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Lawyer in murder case seeks records from SBI agent

A defense attorney says the testimony of a fired State Bureau of Investigation agent is crucial to his defense of a Winston-Salem man charged in the death of an elderly woman 20 years ago.

Fired SBI agent files appeal to get his job back

The former State Bureau of Investigation agent fired after an investigation into practices at the North Carolina state crime lab is trying to get his job back.

Prosecutors: SBI finds dozens more lab errors

North Carolina prosecutors say the State Bureau of Investigation's crime lab has found dozens more cases of mishandled blood evidence.

NC prosecutors say guilt clear in flagged cases

North Carolina prosecutors say there is no doubt that scores of people are guilty despite the use of questionable blood evidence in their cases.

NC Senate panel OKs changes for faulted SBI lab

More North Carolina lawmakers are signing on to reforming a state crime lab shamed by findings that employees may have tailored their work to help prosecutors in hundreds of cases.

Judge: Prosecutors, SBI hid, omitted evidence

A North Carolina judge has ruled that prosecutors hid evidence and the State Bureau of Investigation intentionally omitted information about blood tests in the case of a man threatened with the death penalty, then sentenced to prison for the death and sexual assault of his girlfriend's daughter.

DA talks to AG about regional crime lab

video During a visit to Wilmington today, Attorney General Roy Cooper discussed building a regional crime lab in southeastern North Carolina.

Jailed NC author seeks new trial in murder case

A Durham author convicted of killing his wife wants a new trial, based on revelations about flaws in the State Bureau of Investigation's crime lab.

NC House approves changes recommended for SBI lab

Operational and oversight changes at North Carolina's crime laboratory recommended by a task force have been approved unanimously by the state lawmakers.

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