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Film incentives still causing concerns at Democratic town hall

Democratic senators met with folks from New Hanover County tonight to talk about what matters most to them at a town hall meeting in Wilmington.

Senate Democrats holding a community town hall meeting in Wilmington

Senate Democratic Leader Dan Blue and Senator Mike Woodward will host a community town hall meeting in Wilmington.

House Democrats want ethics changes after McCrory complaint

Democrats at the North Carolina legislature say a ban on outside earned income by Gov. Pat McCrory and other full-time elected state officials would increase transparency and public confidence about the actions of politicians.

NC trial looking at role of race in redistricting

Current and former Democratic state legislators are testifying at a trial where judges are weighing arguments whether the redistricting maps drawn by North Carolina Republicans in 2011 are legal or should be thrown out.

Burr vulnerable, but leads possible challengers

A new poll shows incumbent Richard Burr leads potential Democratic challengers in the race for US Senate next year. But pollsters also say he is in about the same position Elizabeth Dole was before she lost to Kay Hagan.

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