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Debt limit goes back into effect at level near $20 trillion

The national debt limit has come back into force at a level near $20 trillion, prompting the Trump administration to alert Congress about the measures it will take to stay under the new limit.

Obama signs bill, government back open after 16-day shutdown

videoThe government reopens its doors today after a battle-weary Congress approved a bipartisan measure last night to end a 16-day partial shutdown and avert the possibility of an economy-jarring federal default.

ONLY ON 3: Sen. Burr answers viewer questions about economy, Washington

videoAfter the lengthy debt ceiling debate, continued unemployment and now the downgrading of America's credit rating, many of you have a lot of questions, as well as growing frustrations, about what's going on in Washington. Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) stopped by our studio to answer questions about what's going on with the economy and the political system that has a big factor on it.

Obama: Debt deal is only a first step

The Senate has approved an emergency bill to avert a first-ever government default with just hours to spare.

Southeastern NC’s representatives in Washington talk about debt ceiling deal

Months of tension, wrangling and political posturing may end Tuesday if Congress gives final approval to a compromise on the federal debt ceiling. The US House approved the bill Monday night. The Senate is expected to vote Tuesday. Meanwhile southeastern North Carolina's representatives in Congress are sounding off.

House passes debt ceiling bill

The House has passed legislation designed to keep the government from defaulting on its debts. The measure also sets a course for reducing the federal deficit in the future.

Votes could come this evening in House and Senate

Leaders of the House and Senate say votes could come as early as this evening on the deficit-cutting plan that's expected to avert a government default on its debts.

Hagan says failure to reach agreement on debt would be devastating

video WWAY spoke to Sen. Kay Hagan Wednesday via satellite. She said a bipartisan agreement on the debt ceiling is needed now.

McIntyre says proposed redistricting is disappointing

Rep. Mike McIntyre was in Brunswick County Tuesday afternoon to present a federal check to Brunswick EMC. We caught up with him to get his reaction to the state's proposed map for congressional redistricting.

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