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Atlanta braced for wintry weather, gets spritzed by rain

Atlanta got a mere spritzing of rain Tuesday, hours after a winter weather forecast prompted authorities to close government offices, shutter schools and cancel flights in anticipation of icy streets.
American Airlines jets on the runway at Wilmington International Airport. (Photo: WWAY)video

ILM set new passenger record in 2018

Wilmington International Airport today said it set a new record for passengers served in 2018.

Fantasy trip to North Pole lifts spirits of children fighting serious illnesses

For one afternoon, 50 lucky kids were able to say goodbye to the hospital and hello to the North Pole.

Delta Air Lines says Hurricane Florence cost it $30 million

Delta's stock is down after the airline said it took a $30 million hit from Hurricane Florence and is paying more for fuel.

Delta bans pit bulls as service dogs due to safety concerns

Delta Air Lines says it's no longer allowing passengers to fly with "pit bull type" dogs as service or support animals.

Woman says Delta workers tied her to wheelchair with blanket on flight

Airlines officials say they are reaching out to a woman who says airline workers tied her to a wheelchair.

Woman trying to stomach $500 fine for free airline snack

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol has fined a woman $500 for not declaring she was bringing a free apple into the U.S. that she received on her Delta Air Lines flight from Paris.

FedEx bucks corporate trend, sticks with NRA

Another company, FedEx, has become embroiled in an intensifying discussion about guns in the United States after the school massacre in Parkland, Florida

Countdown is on until United Airlines takes off at ILM

United Airlines will soon be Wilmington International Airport's latest addition.

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