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Networks, stars to raise awareness for education

The four largest broadcast networks will simultaneously air a fundraising special for education next month featuring Stephen Colbert, Scarlett Johansson and other celebrity entertainers.

Curious bear peeks through cat door

Bears have become a frequent uninvited guest at an Idaho man's second story condo.

‘Wilmington Idiot Spotter’ creator speaks out

Last week we told you about a new Facebook page that is calling people out on their less than perfect driving right here in the Port City. Now the creator of the 'Wilmington Idiot Spotter' Facebook page is speaking out.

Jimi Hendrix family members settle dispute over estate

A family dispute over the estate of guitarist Jimi Hendrix has been settled.

Fame finds courtroom artist after Brady drawing goes viral

Jane Rosenberg's courtroom drawing of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is everywhere - and now so is she. She's fending off cyberbullies along the way.

Jesse Ventura roots for Trump, open to being running mate

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura says he hopes Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination for president - and that he would be open to running as his vice president.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS: Comedian falls, Yankee beaned, bear enjoys snack

A baseball player gets beaned by a fan, and a comedian loses sight of the stage. Plus was that Yogi Bear in the pic-in-ic basket?

Video of man singing McDonald’s order goes viral

America's latest viral video star thinks he deserves a break, and he hopes he'll get just that, after his musical fast-food drive-thru order hit the net.

NC man stops robbery during proposal

A man who went to a North Carolina restaurant hoping to propose to his girlfriend instead wound up stopping a robbery.

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