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Hunter kills trophy eight-point… doe?

A Wisconsin hunter has killed an eight-point... doe?

Thanksgiving by the numbers

From turkeys to travel, here's a look at Thanksgiving by the numbers

Baby’s white streak in hair keeps Wilmington family’s 200-year heritage alive

One baby is keeping her family's legacy alive with her streak of white hair.

Leon, the turkey who thinks he is a dog

It's a dog's life (as a turkey). Leon, a turkey, found sanctuary from dinner tables by finding a sanctuary.

‘Octomom’ reveals the moment she decided to change for her kids

Natalie Suleman, the infamous mother known around the world as "Octomom," sat down exclusively with ABC News to discuss her search for a new beginning, and the moment she realized it was time to turn her life around.

Kanye West hospitalized in Los Angeles

Hip-hop mogul Kanye West was hospitalized in Los Angeles Monday afternoon, an official told ABC News.

TURKEY TALK! Meet Miss Toni, the neighborhood turkey

Some folks put a turkey on the table for Thanksgiving. And then some folks name their turkey Miss Toni and make her the most popular thing on the block.

Dave Chappelle to unleash 3 Netflix comedy specials in 2017

Comedian Dave Chappelle is headed back to TV with his first concert specials in a dozen years - a trio of specials to be released on Netflix simultaneously in 2017.

ABOVE AND BEYOND: The chance encounter on a California highway

A chance encounter on a California freeway with a police officer turned into a lifeline.

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