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Overdue books returned to Oregon library, 52 years later

Portland State University librarians in Oregon finally got their hands on two overdue books -- a half century after they were checked out.

Cockatoo with dinosaur-like screech vexes neighbors

A cockatoo with the screech of a dinosaur is vexing residents of a tony Boston suburb.

College honors retired professor with 17 mph speed limit

A Massachusetts college has changed all the speed limit signs on campus to honor a retired mathematics professor who spent his career fascinated by the number 17.

Airbnb offers overnight Halloween stay in Catacombs of Paris

Two people brave enough can win a chance from Airbnb to sleep within the skull-lined tunnels of the Catacombs of Paris.

Contest for all-marshmallow Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms cereal is going all-marshmallow, but you have to win a contest in order to get your hands on it.

There is now a street in NYC named after ‘Pizza Rat’

Pizza Rat, a New York City rodent that achieved celebrity status after it was caught on video carrying a pizza twice its size, now has its own street sign in Brooklyn.

Couple prolongs police standoff for sex ‘one last time’

A man and woman have been arrested after officials say they prolonged a standoff with police in order to have sex.

‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ Announced

(CNN) -- It's an image of two foxes in Canada's Arctic -- and it's taken home one of the world's top photography prizes. The "Wildlife...

American flight delayed by bees

Some unusual travelers caused a delay for one American Airlines flight.

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