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Tennessee hunter shoots 47-point buck; new world record likely

The 47-point buck bagged by a man in Sumner County last November has completed a step toward becoming a world record for a non-typical deer rack.

Ft. Lauderdale girl reunited with teddy lost during shooting

A ten year old girl thanks officials for helping her find the teddy bear she lost during the airport shooting in Fort Lauderdale.

Taco Bell launches new concoction: Taco shell made of chicken

Taco Bell plans to go nationwide this month with its latest concoction: a taco with a shell made entirely out of fried chicken.

Obama’s goodbye tweet retweeted 500,000 times

President Barack Obama's tweet following his farewell address to the nation has become the most popular post on the presidential account.

Henderson Co. Deputy comes to dog’s rescue in midst of snowstorm

A Henderson County man is calling out a sheriff's deputy for coming to the rescue of his dog in the midst of the snowstorm.

Trump aide accused of plagiarism, book sales suspended

Monica Crowley is a syndicated talk show host and Trump's pick to serve as director of communications at the White House's National Security Council.
Dog Rescued from pond

Orange County dog “Petey” rescued from ice

Deputies say Petey managed to find himself struggling to keep his head above water about 30-40 feet from the shore.
Snowplow saves pregnant woman

Snowplow rescues woman in labor, delivers her to hospital

A North Carolina man was mighty glad to see a snowplow as he tried to get his pregnant wife to a hospital in Chesapeake during the weekend storm.
Chris Brown Soulja Boy Boxing Match

Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy: stars will settle feud in boxing ring

Both rap stars have announced that they've signed on for a three-round bout that will be televised on pay-per-view and promoted by Mayweather's companies.

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