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Dog waits weeks for murdered owner to come home

The bond a man and his best friend shared was put on full display in Houston when a loyal dog waited patiently for weeks for his owner to come home after he was killed while working at a Houston convenience store.

Facebook adds “Happy Birthday” feature

You can now take your "happy birthday" wishes on Facebook to an entirely new level.

Barista learns sign language, surprises customer

A Virginia man's Facebook post is creating some Internet buzz after he shared a note from a Starbucks employee who offered a kind gesture.

Boy turning into ‘stone’ because of rare skin condition

Relatives of a Colorado boy are searching for answers after they say he developed a rare skin condition that is "turning him to stone."

Starbucks changes rewards program; small spenders lose

Starbucks is changing the terms of its rewards program so that people who spend around $5 or less per visit won't get as many freebies.

Mysterious ‘outer-space’ music heard by astronauts

Newly declassified audiotapes have revealed that Apollo 10 astronauts heard “outer-space” music as their spacecraft flew around the far side of the moon in 1969.

Labrador retrievers hit their 25th year as top US dog breed

Labrador retrievers still reign supreme after a quarter century as America's most prevalent purebred dog.

Jury selection to begin in Erin Andrews’ nude-videos lawsuit

Jury selection begins Monday in the case involving sportscaster and TV host Erin Andrews, who filed a $75 million lawsuit against the franchise owner and manager of a luxury hotel and a man who admitted to making secret nude recordings of her in 2008.

Government says it will go after hoverboard makers, sellers

The government is cracking down on hoverboards.

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