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Minister signals Chris Brown won’t be allowed into Australia

A government minister has signaled that troubled R&B singer Chris Brown won't be allowed to tour Australia in December because of his criminal conviction for assaulting pop star Rihanna.

Court finds Batmobile is entitled to copyright protection

Batman won't have to worry about Batmobile knockoffs after a federal appeals court ruled the caped crusader's vehicle is entitled to copyright protection.

Measure in Ohio Senate defends Wright brothers’ 1st flight

A resolution repudiating Connecticut's claim that another aviator beat the Wright brothers as first in flight has gotten its initial airing in the Ohio Senate.

Baseball legend Yogi Berra dead at age 90

He was the Hall of Fame catcher known for a record 10 World Series championships with the New York Yankees.

Panthers Cam Newton to host Nickelodeon TV show

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will be hosting a television show on the Nickelodeon network next year.

Filling in for a fallen father, they ask, ‘Can I cut in?’

"When the dance started, I started tearing up," Lyons told ABC News. "When the other officers started cutting in for the dance ... "

J.K. Rowling tells new Harry Potter story on her website

Eight years after writing the last of her "Harry Potter" novels, J.K. Rowling is still adding to the boy wizard's story.

Starbucks: Mobile order-and-pay now available nationally

If you hate standing in line for your Starbucks fix, there's an app for that.

Kentucky clerk could head back to court over licenses

She's already spent five days in jail, and now a Kentucky clerk could be back in court soon for altering marriage license forms issued to same-sex couples.

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