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Texas city council votes to oust library cat

A North Texas city council has started a cat fight by voting to oust the furry mascot of the city's public library.

Texas woman wakes up with foreign accent

Imagine waking up from surgery to find you sound different. Different, as in, from another country different.

Teen with rare illness asks for LOTS of birthday cards

The Mesa teenager has mitochondrial disease, a rare life-threatening illness that has weakened every cell in his body.

‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ on par with ‘Sharknado’

Director Roland Emmerich has finally given us a sequel to the 1996 summer blockbuster "Independence Day" -- "Independence Day: Resurgence." And it’s as visually spectacular, and as vacuous, as you might expect.

NC teen reels in record-breaking blue catfish

A 15-year-old North Carolina boy has set a new record for the heaviest blue catfish to have been caught in the state.

Homeless Prom Queen finishes HS in 2 years, gets full ride to college

She was voted prom queen by her peers and was captain of the cheerleading squad. She also completed high school in two years.

Katherine Heigl pregnant with baby boy

Katherine Heigl is going to be a mom -- again!

Jury: Led Zeppelin didn’t steal ‘Stairway’ riff

A Los Angeles jury has decided the band Led Zeppelin did not steal the opening to its classic anthem "Stairway to Heaven."

How do you teach human interaction to a robot? Lots of TV

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say a computer rigged to binge-watch television shows may help robots of the future mimic humans.

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