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Couple invites strangers to crash their wedding

Inspired by the popular movie "Wedding Crashers", a Florida couple is actually asking strangers to crash their wedding next month.

Paris battles 350 tons of cigarette butts with $76 fine

The city of Paris, littered with 350 tons of cigarette butts each year, is striking back at smokers with a new 68-euro ($76) fine.

Civil War cannons pulled from SC river

This morning a team of underwater archaeologists from the University of South Carolina raised three Civil War cannons from the bottom of the Great Pee Dee River near Florence.

Musicians Armin van Buuren, Luke Bryan most dangerous online

If you're planning to look up Usher, Luke Bryan or producer Armin van Buuren on the Web, take heed.

Celebrate National Coffee Day with a cup of joe

A number of coffee, restaurant and grocery chains are offering free or discounted coffee for the day.

Spinning top, puppet, Battleship among 12 Toy Hall of Fame finalists

The spinning top, coloring book, Wiffle Ball and puppet are vying for a place in the National Toy Hall of Fame. The simple classics are among 12 finalists for this year's class.

Strong evidence Mars has streams of salt water in summertime

Scientists are reporting that Mars appears to have not only frozen water but flowing streams of salty water, at least in the summertime.

FEEL GOOD ALERT: ‘I love you too. Now run to second’

A base hit is more like a homerun when a pint sized player stops to tell the first base coach something.

Judge grants Jenner’s request to legally change name, gender

A judge has approved Caitlyn Jenner's request to make her name and gender change official.

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