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‘How’s Howie’ page gets international attention

A Brunswick County Beagle is slowly but surely becoming a very popular pooch.

Kellogg opening cereal cafe in NYC amid soggy sale

Kellogg is opening a cafe in New York as it pushes to reinvent cereal's soggy image.

THE GR-EAT DEBATE: Can mustard stay on top?

What's your favorite hotdog topping? In honor of July 4th, a Charlotte company lists the top 10 of 2015 and mustard is king of the wiener, for now.

Introducing SkySlide: The glass slide 1,000 feet in the air

Saturday was the opening of SkySlide, a glass slide suspended 1,000 feet above downtown Los Angeles.

‘Mister Safety’ waving condom mascot gets drivers’ attention

A man dressed in a giant condom costume drew the attention - and for at least one person, the ire - of Fayetteville drivers in order to raise awareness about National HIV Testing Day.

Judge approves settlement in ‘Happy Birthday’ copyright case

A judge has approved a settlement that will put "Happy Birthday to You" in the public domain. U.S. District Judge George King approved the agreement Monday. It ends the ownership claims of Warner/Chappell Music, the music publishing company that has been collecting royalties on the song for years.

Demi Lovato talks mental health, addiction and recovery

Demi Lovato is speaking out on the mental health, addiction and body image issues.

‘Finding Dory’ tops the box office

In the battle of fish vs. aliens at the box office this weekend, fish won.

Kenny Chesney apologizes for telling Philadelphia fans police officer died

Kenny Chesney owed a suburban Philadelphia police officer a huge apology after mistakenly announcing at his concert Saturday night that he had died.

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