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Report: One-third of US kids still eat fast food every day

A new government report says about one-third of U.S. young people east pizza or other fast food every day. That's about the same as it was in the 1990s.

Elton John: Putin called after I asked to meet on gay rights

Elton John says Vladimir Putin has phoned him, after the musician requested a meeting to discuss Russia's anti-gay environment.

Wheelchair-bound boy scores touchdown for team

A Westford boy with a big love for football got to help his team in their first game this season despite being in a wheelchair.

Twitter offers new cash stream for presidential candidates

The social media service Twitter now has a feature that enables political candidates to raise money directly on its mobile application, making it quicker and easier to harvest small donations from followers.

FEEL GOOD ALERT: Beagle is quite the ‘catch’

(ABC NEWS)-- A beagle named Purin has officially achieved the new record for the most balls caught by a dog with the front paws...

Pumpkin sales dip as pumpkin flavor soars

Have you noticed that about the only thing in pumpkin pie flavor not on sale right now is pie? Perhaps that's emblematic of a couple of trends in the consumer world right now tied to everyone's favorite trendy fall treats.

Man raises $30K, gets Kenny Loggins to play in living room

Longtime rocker Kenny Loggins brought his band to perform for a few dozen people in a living room after a Virginia man's Kickstarter campaign raised more than $30,000 for the show.

Richrath, former REO Speedwagon guitarist, songwriter, dies

Gary Richrath, a former guitarist for the classic rock band REO Speedwagon who also co-wrote the group's hit song "Take It on the Run," died Sunday, according to a publicist for the band. He was 65.

Actor McDonald returns to area for online adventure series

An actor who has shot in our area before will return later this month as part of an online adventure series.

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