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TNT wedding favors cause evacuation at Denver airport

A wedding gift was no joke to TSA agents checking bags in a screening room at Denver International Airport.

Man gets long prison term, then gets married at courthouse

A man sentenced to at least 20 years in prison in one Pennsylvania courtroom has followed that up by walking into another courtroom to marry his girlfriend.

Scientists working on ‘frozen zoo’ to preserve endangered species

Scientists at the University of Georgia are teaming with Zoo Atlanta to build a genetic storage center to help preserve some animals.

Man named Santa Claus runs for office in Alaska’s North Pole

A man whose legal name is Santa Claus is running for a City Council seat in the tiny Alaska town of North Pole.

Attorneys for Michael Jordan, Jewel-Osco in settlement talks

Attorneys for Michael Jordan and the Jewel-Osco say they're in settlement talks about the grocery chain's alleged misuse of the basketball star's name.

Charleston Area Regional Transit Authority adds Wi-Fi

The Charleston Area Regional Transit Authority wants to get more people riding the bus, so the agency is adding WiFi on area buses.

Couple invites strangers to crash their wedding

Inspired by the popular movie "Wedding Crashers", a Florida couple is actually asking strangers to crash their wedding next month.

Paris battles 350 tons of cigarette butts with $76 fine

The city of Paris, littered with 350 tons of cigarette butts each year, is striking back at smokers with a new 68-euro ($76) fine.

Civil War cannons pulled from SC river

This morning a team of underwater archaeologists from the University of South Carolina raised three Civil War cannons from the bottom of the Great Pee Dee River near Florence.

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