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Boston Globe prints satirical cover imagining Trump presidency

The Boston Globe will publish on Sunday a satirical front page -- dated Sunday, April 9, 2017 -- for its Ideas section that imagines what a Donald Trump presidency would look like.

Man accused of assault at Trump rally scheduled for court

The Donald Trump supporter accused of punching a man being escorted from a Trump rally in North Carolina by sheriff's deputies has had his case continued.

What’s at stake in the race for Wisconsin’s delegates

When the 2016 race kicked kicked off last year, few pundits would have predicted Wisconsin’s April primary might be a game changer on both sides of the aisle.

With support down among women, Trump calls in his wife

With his support among women voters slipping, Donald Trump called on a woman who knows him well -– his wife.

White House mum on petition calling for Trump’s arrest

The White House is refusing to comment on an online petition calling for Donald Trump's arrest and prosecution “for incitement of violence.”

Cruz: ‘I Have always been faithful to my wife’

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz declared that he has “always been faithful” to his wife, Heidi Cruz, in his effort to refute a National Enquirer report about rumors of marital infidelities.

Wisconsin primary could be key to contested convention

Tuesday’s vote in Wisconsin could not only help shore up the momentum for candidates on both sides of the presidential race, but it could also determine whether the Republicans are headed to a contested convention.

Donald Trump goes on apology tour

By Donald Trump’s own admission, the past week was a bad one, even for the controversy-prone candidate.

The 5 Biggest things to watch for in April’s presidential race

The month of April appears to be do-or-die for Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders as both presidential candidates try to win as many delegates as possible and prevent each of their party’s respective frontrunners from winning the nomination outright.

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