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NRA to endorse Trump for president

The National Rifle Association plans to endorse Trump at its convention today, sources told ABC News.

Clinton claiming victory in Kentucky, Sanders wins Oregon

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is claiming victory in the Kentucky primary, even though actual numbers have her too close to call with rival Bernie Sanders. Sanders won the Oregon primary.

Megyn Kelly says Trump needs to do better with women

Republican women have “warmed a little” to Donald Trump, but he will need to do better with them in the general election than Mitt Romney did four years ago, journalist Megyn Kelly said today on "Good Morning America."

Donald Trump is ‘leading the Republican Party,’ Sessions says

“He is leading the Republican Party, which is the Republican voter,” Sessions said on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday.

Trump refuses to reveal his tax rate: ‘It’s none of your business’

The presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump continued to refuse to release his tax returns and today declined to reveal his tax rate.

Anti-Trump forces build shadow third-party campaign

Anti-Donald Trump strategists are working behind the scenes to build the foundation for a third-party run even as the Republican Party takes steps toward unifying around the presumptive GOP candidate.

Trump, Ryan call meeting ‘positive step’ to unify GOP

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan described their meetings in Washington, D.C., today as a "positive step" toward unifying the Republican Party.

Clinton slams Trump’s tax plan: It’s ‘written by a billionaire for billionaires’

Hillary Clinton ripped into Donald Trump’s tax plan during her remarks at Camden County College in New Jersey today, saying his plan "was written by a billionaire for billionaires.”

Trump says he won’t release tax returns until after election

In a reversal, Donald Trump has told The Associated Press that he won’t release his tax returns until after the election in November.

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