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Black History Month: Celebrating Frederick Douglass

Amanda Fitzpatrick sat down with Headmaster of Douglass Academy Nikki Chaney to talk about the impact of Frederick Douglass and his legacy that he left behind.

Charter school addresses water damage as students return

New Hanover County schools will not welcome back students until Thursday, but students attending one charter school in Wilmington returned today.

Teacher of the Week: Kristen Allen

Kristen Allen wants nothing more than to see the smile on children's faces every at Douglass Academy in Wilmington. She says "those faces, those hugs are changing the world."  Being a teacher is something she uses to make the world a better place.

Douglass Academy celebrates birthday of namesake

Students at Douglass Academy in Wilmington celebrated with activities focused on remembering his remarkable achievements Wednesday.

Roger Bacon Academy releasing early on Monday for solar eclipse

The charter schools managed by the Roger Bacon Academy will dismiss early on Monday.

NC Superintendent says funding should follow students, not stay at schools

Recently we told you about concerns New Hanover County School Superintendent Tim Markley has about students leaving area charters and coming back to county schools, but the funding for them staying at the charter. We asked Johnson about the issue.
Mark Johnson

State superintendent to visit Wilmington schools

North Carolina's top educator will visit a pair of schools in Wilmington this week.
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Charter schools keep $500K after 84 students transfer to New Hanover Co. Schools

The New Hanover County Schools superintendent is speaking out over the shocking number of students transferring from charter schools each year.

Wilmington school celebrates namesake’s birthday

Faculty and staff members spent the afternoon reading to the students at the charter school. Afterwards, students ate cupcakes and sang "Happy Birthday" to the abolitionist and human rights leader.

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