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FIRST ON 3: Charter Day School, Inc., state filing omits employee information

videoA local charter school group's submission of records to state regulators omits a significant portion of the required information.

Deadline looms for charter schools to submit contract info

Tomorrow is the deadline for charter schools to comply with a public record directive from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Douglass Academy taken off state watch list

State officials have removed Douglass Academy in Wilmington's Northside from a state watch list due to increased enrollment at the charter school.

Wilmington charter school meets enrollment requirements

videoA Wilmington charter school says it has the right number of students as it started its second year today. Last year, Douglass Academy only had about half of the enrollment required by state law.

McCrory to leave charter school company transparency to NC School Board

videoGov. Pat McCrory this summer demanded transparency for the way charter schools spend public money. A bill he signed today guarantees public access to some of that information, but lets companies that run the schools keep private other information about their spending.

Douglass Academy meets enrollment numbers for upcoming school year

videoState regulators say a Wilmington charter school should have enough students this fall. Douglass academy had until today to provide records showing they have at least 65 students.

Charter school company delays response to records request

Charter Day School Inc. said Monday it needs more time "to determine the scope of response required" to requests from the StarNews for public information. The nonprofit, which oversees four charter schools in Southeastern North Carolina, had previously agreed to respond to the StarNews' requests on or before Monday, July 28.

Roger Bacon’s Baker Michell rationalizes why transparency with public funds doesn’t apply to him

The following was posted Monday on Baker Mitchell's website. Mitchell is the CEO of Roger Bacon Academy, which runs three local charter schools in the area and is trying to launch a fourth. WWAY has repeatedly requested salary information regarding the administrators and headmasters who run the charter schools.

Latest release from charter schools still missing requested information

videoAn area charter school company has released more public information we requested, but they are still not giving us everything we've asked for. Charter Day School, Inc., Which oversees Charter Day School in Leland, Columbus Charter School in Whiteville and Douglass Academy in Wilmington, released the schools' budgets to us, but they still won't say what administrators make.

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