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Texas high school’s new dress code takes aim at parents

A Houston high school had adopted a new dress code that targets parents rather than students.
Charter Day School in Leland

North Carolina charter school to allow belted shorts, pants

A North Carolina charter school that required girls to wear skirts has revised the policy after a federal judge ruled it amounted to unconstitutional sex discrimination.
Charter Day School in Leland

US judge: Charter Day School’s rule for girls to wear skirts breaks law

A Brunswick County charter school promoting traditional values engaged in unconstitutional sex discrimination by requiring girls to wear skirts, a federal judge has ruled.

NC restaurant’s new dress code upsetting some customers

The dress code at Kickback Jack’s has some customers a little upset.

Braless student asked to cover up with band-aids

A Bradenton family is calling into question the Manatee County School District’s dress code policy after their daughter was forced to put band-aids on her nipples.

Parents fire back after school suspends student over dress code violation

A New Mexico middle school student got suspended for her outfit of choice on “Nerd Day.” The school says her attire was too revealing, but a lot of people disagree.

Mom’s post about daughter’s school dress code violation goes viral

There's a controversy brewing in Missouri over what one teenage girl wore to school.

Massachusetts school backs off ban of hair extensions

MALDEN, CT (CBS Boston) — An emergency board meeting was held at the Mystic Valley Regional Charter School on Sunday night. This comes after...

Charter Day dress code lawsuit moves forward

A federal judge has ruled that a lawsuit against Charter Day School claiming the school’s dress code discriminates against girls can move forward.

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