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Community reacts to drone regulations

Drones have become more and more popular for both commercial and recreational use. Now, the federal regulators want to require those with drones to register them.

Safety concerns lead federal regulators to require new registration system for many drones

The federal government will require many drone aircraft to be registered.

DOT planning to require drones to be registered

The Department of Transportation will announce a plan that would require people to register their drones, a source confirmed to ABC News.

FAA, Charlotte police probe drone near commercial airliner

The Federal Aviation Administration and Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are investigating an incident in which the crew of an approaching US Airways flight reported seeing a drone flying too close.

FAA drone rules good news for area realtor

videoThe Federal Aviation Administration is proposing a number of new rules for businesses that want to use unmanned aircraft. This means thousands of business people could have a new way to advertise, present information and be more efficient.

Surf City real estate company petitions for commercial usage of drones

video From delivering a pizza to touring a neighborhood business owners are finding ways to use drone technology. And one Surf City man trying to use drones to keep his real estate business soaring high above the rest.

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