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NC meth makers adapt tactics to avoid discovery

The number of methamphetamine labs in North Carolina is on the rise as drug-makers scale down operations and circumvent regulations on over-the-counter ingredients.

Police say despite busts, heroin still a problem

video Three recent deaths by overdoses and arrests of dealers have put a spotlight on heroin in the Port City.

Crack dealer convicted in federal court

A federal jury convicted Rushaun Necko Parker of several drug and weapons charges stemming for a January 2010 arrest.

Wilmington Police make “Black Magic” heroin bust

Wilmington Police say they've found the people responsible for selling the deadly "Black Magic" heroin.

FIRST ON 3: Three recent deaths attributed to heroin overdoses

The Wilmington Police Department is investigating three fatal heroin overdoses since Friday, February 25, 2011. The substance is individually package in bindles labeled "Black Magic." We strongly advise anyone who comes in contact with this substance to contact your local law enforcement agency.

New Hanover deputies score big heroin bust

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Vice and Narcotics Division says a bust last night took lots of drugs and some weapons off the street.

Surf City Police bust alleged meth lab

Surf City Police say they've arrested five people for running a meth lab.

Fake pot bill passes NC Senate, now on to House

The North Carolina Senate has unanimously approved a bill to outlaw small packets of herbal incense that pack the mind-altering effects of marijuana, but also carry health risks.

Lejeune commander places two dozen businesses off limits

The Base Commander at Camp Lejeune has placed businesses known to sell psychotropic drugs temporarily off limits.

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