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Turn on your front lights to spotlight frontline heroes who help keep power on

Spring storms across the southeast have been keeping lineworkers busy, but coronavirus safety guidelines have made their job difficulty, according to Duke Energy. 

Thousands without power as strong storms move into Cape Fear

Duke Energy is reporting more than 1,000 people without power Monday morning. 

Dozens without power after truck hits lines near Southport

Power was knocked out early Tuesday morning for dozens of residents near Southport.

Nearly 44K gallons of untreated wastewater discharged in Barnards Creek

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority staff estimate nearly 44,000 gallons of untreated wastewater was discharged into Barnards Creek, a tributary of the Cape Fear River, Monday afternoon.

Thousands without power in the Cape Fear due to strong winds

Severe weather and strong winds have knocked out power for thousands in the Cape Fear Friday morning.

Power restored in Wilmington after equipment damage

Power has been restored after underground electrical equipment was damaged, leaving 2,600 people in Wilmington without power Thursday.

Duke Energy installs new ‘Smart Meters’

Duke Energy has begun installing Smart Meters in the Cape Fear Region.

Duke Energy, county officials to test sirens around Brunswick Nuclear Plant

The 38 outdoor warning sirens around Brunswick Nuclear Plant will be tested next week and many more times this winter.

Duke Energy to permanently close all remaining ash basins in NC

North Carolina, state regulators, community groups and Duke Energy have agreed to a plan to permanently close the company's remaining nine coal ash basins in the state, primarily by excavation with ash moved to lined landfills.

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