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Overnight power outage planned for Bayshore Drive

People who live along Bayshore Drive in New Hanover County will be without power for a few hours overnight.

#UNSOLVED: Man shot during storm, power outages in Wallace

Michael Lamb, 25 was shot and killed at a convenience store in Wallace on October 4, 2015.

Duke Energy to contest North Carolina coal ash excavation order

The country's largest electric company says it's challenging an order by North Carolina's environmental agency to excavate coal ash from all of its power plant sites in the state.

North Carolina orders Duke Energy to excavate all coal ash

The country's largest electric company is being ordered to excavate coal ash from all of its North Carolina power plant sites, slashing the risk of toxic chemicals leaking into water supplies but potentially adding billions of dollars to power bills.

Duke Energy, county to test sirens around Brunswick Nuclear Plant

A heads up if you live near the Brunswick Nuclear Plant in Southport. The outdoor warning sirens will be tested in early April.
Lynn Good (Photo: Duke Energy)

Duke Energy CEO’s pay dropped to $14M after big 2017 bounty

Duke Energy Corp. CEO Lynn Good's reported compensation is down to $14 million after a big raise in 2017 put her at more than $21 million.

Wilmington businesses impacted by widespread power outage

A power outage Wednesday morning forced several businesses to close their doors for the day.

18-wheeler crash creates power outage in northern New Hanover County

More than 7,000 people were left with power after a 18-wheeler crashed into a power pole in Wilmington Wednesday morning.
North Carolina map on NC Seal

Cooper administration refusing to let workers be interviewed

Gov. Roy Cooper's administration has told workers not to speak with an outside investigator from the General Assembly tasked with reviewing a side deal Cooper made with developers of a natural gas pipeline.

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