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Drunk drivers, boaters busted during holiday weekend

video Fourth of July is known to be one of the worst weekends on the road for drinking and driving. This year proved no different.

Teen charged with huffing after wreck in court

Randi Petrolino sat anxiously inside the New Hanover County Courthouse for a hearing on a shoplifting charge. We showed up to see if the 19-year-old would talk to us.

ONLY ON 3: Did Assistant District Attorney mess up another DWI case in Brunswick...

video Remember the story we told you about a few weeks back, about the Oak Island Fire Chief who's DWI appeal got thrown out of court because the Assistant District Attorney handling the case wasn't prepared? We've learned that that ADA most likely messed up another DWI charge this week.

Law enforcement launches holiday drunk driving enforcement

videoThe 4th of July is just days away, and that means time for fireworks and fun. It also means one of law enforcement's busiest weekends when the fun gets out of control.

ONLY ON 3: Judge Lewis on why she dismissed Oak Island Fire Chief’s DWI

video Slowly but surely we're getting some answers about why a judge threw out a fire chief's DWI charge two weeks ago. Tonight, those answers are coming from the judge who made the ruling.

Murder charge filed against driver who killed mother in wreck

Highway patrol said Daniel Brennick was drunk and speeding on River Road in Brunswick County when he crossed the center line and hit Satu Harris's car head-on on May 7. The 38-year-old mother died at the scene.

FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: District Attorney will appeal Fire Chief’s DWI dismissal; Read the...

videoNew developments about Oak Island's fire chief who walked away from his DWI conviction. WWAY has been demanding accountability. Tonight, we're getting results.

ONLY ON 3: Trooper says he was never called for Chief House’s appeal hearing

Brunswick County District Attorney Rex Gore said the Assistant DA had what he calls a "mix-up" and subpoenaed the wrong trooper. First Sgt. A.E. Morris was the correct trooper, but he says he was never contacted by the DA's office at any point about House's DWI charge.

The Rant: A lesson in journalism

You've gone too far with this DWI dismissal, says one viewer. Not quite, says our Rantmaster. We'll explain why our coverage has been far from "biased" or "one-sided" as a Rant accuses.

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