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Murder charge filed against driver who killed mother in wreck

Highway patrol said Daniel Brennick was drunk and speeding on River Road in Brunswick County when he crossed the center line and hit Satu Harris's car head-on on May 7. The 38-year-old mother died at the scene.

FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: District Attorney will appeal Fire Chief’s DWI dismissal; Read the...

videoNew developments about Oak Island's fire chief who walked away from his DWI conviction. WWAY has been demanding accountability. Tonight, we're getting results.

ONLY ON 3: Trooper says he was never called for Chief House’s appeal hearing

Brunswick County District Attorney Rex Gore said the Assistant DA had what he calls a "mix-up" and subpoenaed the wrong trooper. First Sgt. A.E. Morris was the correct trooper, but he says he was never contacted by the DA's office at any point about House's DWI charge.

The Rant: A lesson in journalism

You've gone too far with this DWI dismissal, says one viewer. Not quite, says our Rantmaster. We'll explain why our coverage has been far from "biased" or "one-sided" as a Rant accuses.

Two die in wreck; speeding and alcohol factors

videoIn the last 60 days in Brunswick County four people have died in car accidents where one of the drivers is accused of driving while impaired. The latest crash happened yesterday and claimed two lives. Highway Patrol says alcohol and speed both played a factor in the crash.

ONLY ON 3: Why did Oak Island Fire Chief keep job after DWI...

videoThere are still many more questions than answers after a Brunswick County judge last week dismissed a fire chief's DWI charge. So, what's next?

FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Fire chief had already been convicted of DWI charge; judge...

video We're digging deeper into the Oak Island Fire Chief John House's DWI charge. So far we've learned from a Brunswick County Court Clerk that House had already been found guilty of his December 2008 DWI charge. The case before Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis was an appeal.

The Rant: Folks are fired up about fire chief getting off DWI hook

video Investigators say Oak Island fire chief John House blew a .14 when they stopped him at a checkpoint in December 2008. Judge Ola Lewis said case dismissed Tuesday when a prosecutor wanted a few more hours to get a trooper to court to testify. Now many of you are saying, "WHAT?!?"

Constantineau stories have folks ranting

video We've been amazed at what we've been able to dig up about Richard Constantineau Jr.'s driving record. Some of you have been, too.

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