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Sunday early voting offered for first time in Brunswick, Pender

For the first time, you will be able to vote on a Sunday in Brunswick and Pender counties.

New Hanover Elections Board approves Sunday voting

The New Hanover County Board of Elections has released dates and times for early voting and this year, it includes Sunday voting.

Brunswick County Board of Elections picks early voting sites

The Brunswick County Board of Elections picked early voting sites at their meeting Tuesday, but there's still more to be decided.

NC lawmakers override farm bill, early voting vetoes

The North Carolina legislature has overridden Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper's vetoes on Republican bills altering early in-person voting and restricting litigation by neighbors of large livestock operations who have complained about odors.

Early voting bill would change North Carolina schedule, time

North Carolina Republican lawmakers are again looking at changing the rules on the state's extremely popular early in-person voting, which has prompted legal action in the past.

Low early voting turnout across the Cape Fear

Across the Cape Fear Region Bladen and Pender counties had the highest turn out for early voting.

Time is running out to vote early

Early voting across the state ends Saturday. If you can't make it tomorrow you have to wait for the primary election which is Tuesday.

New Hanover NAACP meets before push for Sunday Voting

The local NAACP tells us nearly 20 churches plan to take part in the "souls to polls" campaign to get voters to the ballot boxes.

Early voting begins Thursday, what you need to know

All early voting locations will close after May 5th.

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