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Brunswick County has second highest early voting turnout in the state

With the second highest turnout in the state at 68.4% of registered voters casting their ballots early or through absentee, Brunswick County lands at 78,764 compared to 49,361 in 2016.

North Carolina has record-setting number of early voters

As of Monday morning, more than 4.5 million ballots have been cast early. That's about 200,000 less than the entire voting turnout in the 2016 Presidential Election. 

Early voting period ends

Polls are open until 3 p.m. this Halloween. After that, potential voters will have to wait until Election Day.

More than 4 million North Carolinians have cast their ballot

North Carolina continues to see record turnout in early voting this year, the state hitting another milestone as polling stations close on Thursday.

South Carolina sets new record for absentee ballot voting

More than half a million South Carolinians have cast absentee ballots for the Nov. 3 election.

Long lines linger as numbers of one-stop voters climb above 2016 totals

More than 13,000 one-stop ballots cast in Brunswick County so far, compared to less than 10,000 this time in 2016.

Wilmington church gets ‘Souls to the Polls’

This Sunday, hundreds of predominately black Christian congregations across the country launched "Souls to the Polls", a get out the vote campaign.

Long lines form in-person early voting begins in North Carolina

Long lines have formed at polling places across North Carolina as the battleground state kicked off early voting.

Early voting starts October 15

Early voting kicks off in North Carolina October 15, and poll workers are bracing for an influx of voters, even as locals still have questions about what's different this year.

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NHC Educational Justice Calls for all students, teachers, and staff members to wear masks

Members of NHC Educational Justice will be holding a news conference Aug. 2 outside the New Hanover County Board of Education Center to call for all students, teachers, and staff members to wear masks in school.

Some struggle with Myrtle Beach heat, while Midwesterners want to move here because of it

Whether they knew it or not, vacationers in downtown Myrtle Beach braved the area’s hottest day of 2021 Friday, with a heat index expected to reach 110.

After board member tests positive for Covid-19, New Hanover school board to meet virtually

The release didn't say which board member tested positive or who had potentially been exposed.

Distress Bandannas being sold to help raise funds for teen driver safety talks

Teen driver safety is a big concern for many parents of new drivers around the Cape Fear. One organization is setting out to tackle the issue and raise awareness for the cause.