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Teaching assistant says pay change does more harm than good

New Hanover County Schools need more bus drivers. To get them, the school board voted to get some teaching assistants to be drivers. As a result, they are moving from salary to hourly pay.

Teacher of the Week: Rebecca DePreta

Rebecca DePreta says watching her students grow and lear is "the best thing ever" and that's one of the reasons her co-workers nominated her for Teacher of the Week. As a Special Education teacher at Eaton Elementary School she says one of her goals is to make sure her kids learn, but have fun in the process.

New Hanover Co. year-round schools might have to go to traditional schedule

Year-round schools in New Hanover County might be in for some changes. That's if the state senate has its way. There are mandates on year-round schools embedded in its version of the budget.

New Hanover Co. boy’s cabbage wins statewide prize

A New Hanover County boy has won some "cabbage" for growing a giant cabbage.

New Hanover County educators of the year announced

The New Hanover County Board of Education and the Wells Fargo Foundation honored teachers and principals at the Educator of the Year banquet held at Ashley High School Tuesday night.

Sprouts Scouts Gardening Clubs honors American hero

videoIt's been over a year since Eaton Elementary 5th grader Elijah Torian and his younger sister lost their father. Master Sargent Aaron C. Torian died after an explosion in Afghanistan.

Students Skype with aquanauts

Fifth grade students at Eaton Elementary School joined marine explorers Thursday morning for an underwater mission. Well, sort of.

Teacher of the Week: Christie Nye

videoAn Eaton Elementary teacher gets the surprise of a lifetime with Arizona Cardinal Jonathan Cooper shows up in her room.

Teacher of the Week: Lindsey Reiner, Eaton Elementary School

video Technology isn't just important within classrooms, these days it's how teachers can keep in touch with parents.

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