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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Tags Economic Development

Tag: Economic Development

Columbus Co. Commission approves incentive grant for renewable energy plant

County leaders approved more than $700,000 to go to incentivize a renewable energy company to begin operations near Clarendon.

Whiteville leaders optimistic about economic growth

From the renovated Vineyard Depot to the widening of Highway 701, lots of things are taking place in Whiteville in which city leaders hope will promote economic growth.

Tourism, infrastructure critical to boosting Columbus County’s economy

Columbus County leaders are hopeful expansions of a horse arena and the creation of a cat sanctuary will attract visitors and generate additional tourism revenue.

Forum on area growth and development held in Wilmington

Jobs and economic prospects in the Cape Fear Region -- that was the topic at Wednesday night's forum called Cape Fear Forward: A Forum on Growth and Development hosted by the StarNews.

UNCW professor awarded $1.5M grant to research the future of coastal communities

The grant will allow a team of researchers to investigate ways public policies will affect both economic decisions and the coastal environment.

Apartment complex proposed in Waterford commercial area in Leland

A developer in Leland wants to build a high-end apartment complex behind the Goodwill on Highway 17.

Cooper urges Republicans to put more money in his priorities

Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper wants more money going to education, rural economic development and other needs in North Carolina's final spending plan than Republicans have approved in their rival budgets so far.

BRUNSWICK BOOM: A closer look at what is being developed

In the next 20 years, Brunswick County is expected to add more than 62,000 people to its population.

Compass Pointe sees increase in buyers as Leland booms

Compass Pointe is seeing an increase in buyers as Leland continues to grow at a fast rate.

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Satellite photos show construction at Iran nuclear site

Since August, the satellite photos show Iran has built a new or regraded road to the south of Natanz toward what analysts believe is a former firing range for security forces at the enrichment facility.

Jon Stewart will be back in the host’s chair for Apple TV+

The Apple TV+ streaming service says Stewart will host an hour-long current affairs series exploring topics of national interest as well as his advocacy work. 

Fitting finale: Dodgers win title, Turner tests positive

Commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed Turner’s positive test moments after presenting the championship trophy to Los Angeles.

Zeta re-strengthens to a hurricane, takes aim at Gulf Coast

Landfall is expected south of New Orleans with life-threatening storm surge and strong winds expected along portions of the northern Gulf Coast beginning around midday.