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Minimum wage to increase

If you make minimum wage, you'll soon see more money in your paycheck. The first of three 70-cent increases in the federal minimum wage is takes effect Tuesday. The rate will go from $5.15 an hour to $5.85 an hour.

Corporate earnings show country’s economic health

There is always a lot of speculation about the health of the economy. Every three months, we get an update on how things are going. Corporate earnings provide a window into the good and the bad of our country's economic health.

Small businesses important for US economy

When it comes to doing business bigger isn't always better. Small businesses are a huge component of the US economy. But new figures show they're not immune from recent trends.

US economy doing well

The Bush administration got some unaccustomed good news Friday. The US economy appears to be humming along nicely. Statistics from the Labor Department today reveal a net growth in jobs and stable unemployment rates.

Study: don’t count on pay raise next year

If a new study proves to be correct don't count on getting a bump in pay next year. As you're planning that summer vacation, you may be counting on a future pay raise to cover some of the costs. But experts are warning: don't get your hopes up.

Economists: Climate change will cost N.C. billions

Ben Poulter of the Department of Global Change and Natural Systems at the Potsdam Institute in Germany says coastal North Carolina has been identified as one of the United States' most vulnerable regions to climate change.

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