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ONLY ON 3: IRS scammer calls New Hanover Co. Sheriff’s cell phone

The New Hanover County Sheriff is warning the community about a new IRS scam after he was targeted on his own cell phone.

How to avoid fake cops at traffic stops

New Hanover County Sheriff ed McMahon is looking for someone trying to be one of his deputies in an incident that happened yesterday.

City leaders talk youth violence

Wilmington city leaders held a press conference today to talk about the continuing violence in the city, specifically violence involving minors.

DOJ decision could impact your pockets

A federal decision to suspend a program may have an impact on local tax dollars.

New Hanover County Sheriff McMahon in fender bender

Sheriff Ed McMahon was involved in an accident Tuesday while in his sheriff's vehicle.

Sheriff recognized for veteran support

New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon received the Patriot Award to recognize the department's efforts to support military personnel today.

New Hanover County Sheriff receives award

New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon is being honored by the Department of Defense.

Sheriffs show support for McCrory’s refugee concerns

Several sheriffs in North Carolina have shown their support for the governor's remarks on Syrian refugees after the terror attacks in Paris.

Firefighters, law enforcement remember 9/11 at WFD memorial

Area firefighters, law enforcement and community members remembered 9/11 at Wilmington's Firefighter Memorial, which features a piece of a beam from the World Trade Center.

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