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Sheriff defends deputies involved in Smith shooting

videoAt a news conference today we asked Sheriff Ed McMahon what he would say to those who think the deputies should not have shot Brandon Smith.

DA: Officers justified in shooting that killed man accused of shooting deputy

video The District Attorney says a shooting that killed the suspect accused of shooting a New Hanover County Sheriff's deputy last month was a reasonable use of deadly force. District Attorney Ben David said the officers were "absolutely justified in taking Brandon Smith's life."

How witness lists become hit lists

videoDefense Attorney James Payne said it happens because the prosecution and defense must provide copies of their witness lists and defendants have a right to see them.

GANG VIOLENCE FLASHBACK: Growth in criminal gangs worries law enforcement (2010 StarNews article)

An emerging gang problem over the last five years has prompted local authorities to refocus efforts on gang prevention, helping at-risk youth avoid the pitfalls of criminal activity in an attempt to choke off sources of gang recruitment, said Assistant District Attorney Jon David.

City, county leaders announce ‘enforcement partnership’ in wake of shootings

video Wilmington and New Hanover County leaders announced what they called an "enforcement partnership" between Wilmington Police and the Sheriff's Office in the wake of recent violence, including the shooting of a deputy and the shooting death of his alleged assailant.

Man wanted for shooting deputy killed

video The search for a man wanted for allegedly shooting a New Hanover County Sheriff's deputy came to a fatal end Sunday. "Brandon Smith is dead," District Attorney Ben David said during an early evening news conference near the scene where the 30-year-old suspect was shot and killed.

Sheriff promises to end violence after deputy shooting

video For the first time in nearly a decade a New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputy was shot in the line of duty, and now Sheriff Ed McMahon is vowing to bring an end to the crime wave sweeping through the area.

Raided sweepstakes parlor likely to go bankrupt before legal fight plays out

videoA sweepstakes parlor that has been fighting to r-open its doors for weeks will now have to wait longer for an answer after a hearing today.

Hearing Thursday in sweepstakes raid lawsuit

videoAn evidentiary hearing will be held Thursday as A Wilmington sweepstakes parlor raided last month by New Hanover County Sheriff's deputies tries to reopen its doors.

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