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Future of Bible classes in Pender County uncertain

Elective Bible classes in Pender County high schools face an uncertain future. The school board there has voted to review the status of the classes because the teachers aren't licensed to teach high school and they're not paid by the school system.

UNCW ups security for summer

The UNCW Police Department is beefing up security. Additional surveillance will help keep students and their belongings safe. School's out for summer and area law enforcement officials say crime usually rises this time of year.

Education board approves new math requirement for graduation

The State Board of Education has approved new requirements that high school students must complete an extra math course to graduate starting later this decade.

New North Brunswick High School principal named

Bob Grimes began his career as a teacher at North Brunswick High School. This week he was named its new principal.

Brunswick County teachers to face random drug testing

All 1,600 employees of the Brunswick County school system will soon face random drug testing. New faculty and staff will be tested prior to being hired.

Brunswick County School Board wants to raise dropout age

How old should a teenager be before he is allowed to drop out of school? Tuesday night the school board voted unanimously to support new legislation that would raise the dropout age. A bill in the general assembly would increase the dropout age from 16 to 18. Officials in Brunswick County hope it will keep kids in school.

N.C. charter school limit should remain at 100 for now

A nonpartisan group says North Carolina's 100-school cap on charter schools should remain in place, at least until student performance improves and the schools are more racially integrated.

Local magnet school misses out on grant, wins another

A New Hanover County school just lost out on potentially winning a $2 million grant and is now looking for additional funding to help improve its programs.

Cape Fear Community College narrowing down presidential candidates

This week, the campus community and local residents had the opportunity to meet four of the top educators in the country. All are vying for the title of Cape Fear Community College President.

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