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Heavy bookbags hurt students, physical therapists urge safety

School has started or is starting soon and physical therapists are trying to make sure kids don't hurt themselves by having too much in their backpacks.

Pender County students to study Bible

Students in the Pender County school district will have Bible class after all, and some new options when they attend.

Schools try to fight childhood obesity problem

There's been a lot of talk on how schools can fight the childhood obesity problem: from fewer vending machines to healthier lunches and more PE classes. But as millions of kids go back to classes over the next few weeks will they see any of these changes?

Brunswick County to improve Bellville Elementary situation

The Brunswick County Board of Education taking action to improve the situation at Belville Elementary School. The school is overflowing.

Some Ogden Elementary students to attend class in trailers

New Hanover County schools start Monday, and some classes won't be held in classrooms at all. The brand new Ogden Elementary School cost $15 million. Still, some classes will be held in trailers outside of the school.

NC needs more educated, skilled workers than colleges can provide

A report out today says North Carolina's universities are falling behind on providing the number of well-educated, skilled workers the state needs.

Princeton Review awards UNCW ‘Best in the Southeast,’ ‘Best Value’

For the fourth consecutive year, the University of North Carolina Wilmington received the 2008 "Best in the Southeast" and "Best Value" designation by The Princeton Review.

University of North Carolina panel suggests campus safety steps

A task force says University of North Carolina campuses should develop plans for responding to any emergency.

Carolina Diaries: College Kid

videoAlyssa Cruz is 15 years old. As you'd expect, she's a student. What you might not expect is where she goes to school. Alyssa is a full-time student, taking 13 units at Brunswick Community College.

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